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I create jewelry and the name of my jewelry is Seven Sister Design. This title has truth to it; I am the youngest sister of seven. Quite a happening for this day and age. I feel fortunate for this rare sized family, and for this I have named my business. I grew up in central Minnesota on a small farm. There are not many farms left. I am thankful to have grown up in such a setting.

My first jewelry making experience was 1991 at Stout University in Wisconsin. The painting class that I wanted was full so I luckily ended up in an introduction to jewelry class. After receiving my degree from another small college, Bemidji State University, interning with a jewelry designer in Minneapolis and working for a local jeweler, I set out on my own in 2000.

I call home Turtle River, a small community north of Bemidji on the shores of Turtle River Lake. This little town lost many of it's inhabitants in the 1930's when the logging company moved on. Even though we only have 60 or so residents, we still boast a town hall, original depot and jail (next to my old studio) and a working city council. After the birth of Louis, in 2004, I moved my studio home into our newly renovated garage.

All of my jewelry is designed and created by me along with the help of one great assistant. I choose to fabricate from metal more than use the casting process. Patterns and designs are etched into sterling silver and then cut out into a variety of shapes. One of a kind pieces in both gold and silver are often designed around a stone that was naturally formed by the earth. I find it amazing to see the entire piece form right before my very eyes. My jewelry is definitely influenced by textures and I use natural textures and patterns to accent my metal.

Jewelry intrigues me; I love the combination of age-old techniques, expression and adornment. Jewelry plays an important role in peoples' lives by helping them celebrate accomplishments and special occasions. Jewelry can be appreciated for more than a lifetime and can be handed down from generation to generation. I am honored to be a part of this cycle! Thank you!